How to get cheap flights

Last Wednesday, as curious (as I do all the time) I was looking for flights to different destinations, and I was surprised that flying from Mexico to Bogota (Colombia) was at a super price (and it wasn’t announced any kind of promotion) So I decided to buy it and fly, I only had one day to think about it and see how I could make it, and well, at this moment I’m enjoying the land of arepas, salsa, aguardiente and vallenato.  

Here I’m going to explain some of the tips I have taken from many places and those that I always apply when I’m searching for a flight. I clarify that I do not know for sure if everything is true, but it has always worked for me.

  1. Flexibility

Be flexible with the place and the dates, if you search a specific destination for an exact date, you will end up paying too much but if your probable dates are, let’s say, between July 10 and July 20, it doesn’t matter if we travel more days and / or less days because sometimes the same web sites give us the option to choose a cheaper rate by leaving on July 11 and returning on July 22, and if, for example, the destination is Paris and you only look for flights to Paris it’s also sometimes more expensive, and probably arriving in Madrid is cheaper. Remember that in Europe international flights seem domestic and it is easy to find low cost flights or night trains to take you to the final destination.

  1. Clear history and cookies

On the internet is absolutely everything, and they know everything about us, so when you look for flights, check them out, and before finally deciding which one to buy, erase the history and cookies and, if its possible, change your wifi network and look again, sometimes we can get a price that Is good but if we do this, it will come out a bit cheaper. On the contrary, if we keep searching and searching for days without deleting this, and on the same sites, they know that we are interested in buying it because we keep seeing them, so they usually raise the price.

  1. Go to sleep late or wake up early

People buy flights during the day because most of us live during the day, no one is late just watching what flights they find, so I check my reliable pages always before I go to sleep (between 11 and 12 at night) and when I wake up (5:50 am aprox), I choose any destination that I could have time to go, for example New York in a long weekend, or if I have a lot of time then why not Brazil or Argentina for about 10 days, and if I get a good price on the airline websites, I can choose the option to pay later, so that price is set aside for us about 24 hours (be careful, always check the policies and do not insert cards until you are sure). Many times this is how I choose destinations at random or also if I really want to go to a specific place, I check all the time for when there is a good price for that destination.

  1. Buy on Wednesdays

Apparently buying Tuesday nights or Wednesday mornings is the best according to statistics, this is because there’s less shopping on that day, opposed to when it is approaching or it is weekend.

  1. Travel during the week

It is a good idea to go out on Friday afternoons and come back on Sunday evenings or on monday morning for people who have specific timetables at work or school and for that reason is that if you want to travel in these days and hours, it might be much more expensive because everyone wants (higher demand higher price), so try traveling between tuesday and thursday it’s sometimes cheaper and less crowded.

  1. Web sites

It is a reality that sometimes the web pages can be fake and is important to be sure that the page where you are booking your flight is real, in this case I prefer to call the phones that appear on the site and make sure, even make the purchase by phone talking to someone from the company (always write down their name).

  1. Where to search

Here I am going to put only the sites that I trust and have been the best in my last trips:

I suggest you have the apps of these pages on your phones, as it is easier to pick up the phone and just type a destination, in case you decide and want to make the purchase, do it with a computer where you can have excellent wi-fi network so that you won’t have any problem.

  1. The longer the journey, the cheaper it will be

True, the more scales it will be a cheaper flight. And in fact they are cheaper when we fly via USA although I warn you that it is obligatory to have a visa, because if you stay or not in that country for even 2 minutes you need to go through migration and they are quite “special”, so choose a flight that has a minimum 4 hours of waiting in the USA so you don’t end up losing the next flight. My recommendation is that you choose long stops of up to 20 hours, what I do is I leave the airport, I get to know a little bit the city where I am, I go to eat something and then return; So you can get to know another place for “free” and without waiting at the airport without doing anything.

  1. Accumulate miles

There are several big associations that airlines are part of, for example, I’m in Skyteam where Aeromexico, Airfrance, KLM, British Airways, American Airlines, Delta etc are, and when flying anywhere with any airline that is part of Skyteam I accumulate miles, to the point of having a free flight to any place only paying the taxes (first check how many miles you need to fly to the destination you want) or you can use these points in perfume purchases, headphones, cameras and more things that the airline offers, there are also discounts for users, you just have to ask the airline and make a call to take your data and that’s it, in fact in many shops passing the Aeromexico card they give you points and many people don’t know this, I speak in the case of Mexico, as in shops like Soriana, La Europea, Office max, Mac store etc. But in each country there must be such rewards.

  1. Go where no one goes

It is true that thousands of ugly things happen in the world due to terrorism, wars, accidents, etc. But on many occasions it is not as bad as they tell in the news, so it is also true that if for example there are bomb attacks in London, the price on tickets to London will fall, and it sounds strange to say this but it is better to get sure by all possible means how safe it is to go, I give as an example that I have been in Paris after the bombings where many people died, in Turkey when there were bombs and threats, in places where there were strikes and street problems and I am still alive , and luckily I didn’t saw any of this, on the contrary, I found more security in those places. Then dare, and better yet if you have a way to find out how the situation is through a person who lives there or has been in the place recently.

  1. Know the rates

Finally, and something obvious, it is important that you know approximately the regular prices of flights, for example, we will never find a flight from Mexico to any country in Europe in two thousand pesos (or well who knows, but it is a very remote possibility), then it is important to know that a flight to Europe from Mexico costs approximately 900 dollars, so if we put the dollar at 18.50 pesos (considering how much it’s changing llately) would be at 16,650 pesos mx. A flight to Argentina is at the same price more or less, a flight to Cancun can sometimes be more expensive than a flight to Colombia or Peru, it is a matter of seeking and knowing that world.

I hope this post helps you alot and if it is the case share it!


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