What to bring on the plane. Outfit and carry-on luggage

Whenever I travel the same thing happens to me, I almost never know what to wear for flights and long trips but lately I have realized that what is certain is that I want to travel comfortably, you can even find me traveling in pajamas… and I think we all want the same (Comfortable), you will never see me traveling in heels or very tidy (unless I go to an event and it’s an hour flight, but that only happened to me once).


Hand luggage

This is the best way of not fighting with myself since my hand luggage can sometimes be large compared to many people who prefer to travel light. Why? I always carry 2 sets of underwear (including leggins or compression socks), jeans, a couple of blouses, a compact pajamas and everything I need to take a quick bath, but in travel version (shampoo, conditioner, soap, toothpaste and toothbrush, cream, deodorant and some makeup) and finally my slippers (which fold and do not take up any space). I also carry a book, or my tablet to entertain myself and some very basic medicine, (something for pain, dizziness, fever, etc).

Clothing What to wear?

As I said, I carry with the change of clothes (sometimes for two days), because with so many flights we do not know for sure if our luggage will arrive in time or not, and not to risk to reach my destination and not having clean clothes, my hand luggage can be my salvation at such a time, until my luggage arrives. That’s why I don’t think too much deciding what to wear, it depends on the number of hours of flight and waiting, it also depends on whether it is night or day, you will find your ideal clothing. Jeans, a comfortable blouse, a simple sweater, a large pashmina (I love them, I always take them for comfort, to look well maybe and because I usually use them as a blanket so I don’t take an extra blanket), comfortable tennis since they are the ones that I’m going to use for most of the trip.

If they are many hours of flight, with the pressurization we swell so I wear leggings in addition to wearing compression socks (they can be found in department stores or at medical equipment stores) so I avoid bloating too much. Finally, it is better to wear dark colored clothes, because we always end up sweating, carrying suitcases, running or sitting on the floor, and if we wear white clothes we will end up all dirty…


The truth is that it does not matter, some comfortable sneakers and that’s it! I always wear footwear that I will use for most of the trip, because, why take so many shoes if it’s not necessary?

Accessories (neck pillow)

I travel a lot by plane but I don’t have any of those accessories for the neck that everyone puts on, because I learned that if I take a pillowcase that doesn’t occupy almost any space, inside I can put all my clothes that I bring in case of emergency and it becomes a pillow, plus it’s a way to take care of my things because then my backpack is almost empty and I put it in front of my feet, so if I want to change my clothes, I have everything on hand and I’m not annoying the person next to me to move and I don’t have to be lowering my things of the compartments. With accessories I do not mean jewelry or those things, besides that I would not recommend travel with such things, since sometimes there is not only one security filter in the airport, but two or three and they make us take everything away, therefore, if we go very fixed up, it’s uncomfortable and we also delay ourselves and the people who come after us, carry just the essentials so that you just have to put your backpack on the scanner and go through the metal detector fast, this will save a lot of time for you, security officers and other passengers.

Temperature changes

This is a little uncomfortable if we live in a place where it is hot most of the time (like me) and if we are heading to somewhere where it is very cold or vice versa.

Well, here the option is very simple, as I said before, those changes of clothes in the backpack are key (sometimes it’s good to carry up to three changes). If we are on a very cold place and where we are going it’s very hot, it will be easy, we would have to take shorts, t-shirts and the clothes we wear to shelter us, then we put everything in the pillowcase and that’s it, we get really comfortable. And if you go somewhere cold, then you do the opposite.

Also, in most airports there is air conditioning and we will get cold most of the time, although many times we end up sweating between going up, down and getting to the boarding gate so it’s important to just dress comfortably and with just the necessary, I repeat the pashmina is key, we can wear it as a blanket if it’s cold and if not, just remove it, so your sweater and leave only a shirt on. By the way, pashminas also look good on men this is not just for women. And as for the airplane, they change the temperature to their liking, you can go freezing or sweating, in that case I recommend that you talk to the flight attendant, they are always willing to make the passenger comfortable.


In future posts I will publish with photos and more detail how to do all of this (the hand luggage stuff) and also of the big luggage. I hope these tips are useful to you, and if you have more specific doubts, don’t hesitate to ask me, I love to help.


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