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Hello, I’m Daniela and my last name is not Jum it’s Juárez Meza, I don’t remember how it was that someone joined those three letters of my surnames and that’s why I’m called “jum” (BTW it’s pronounced “Hum”).

I am twenty-five years old, I’m about to finish Med school in Guadalajara, Mexico, and as I love medicine, I love traveling.

Many people know this and that’s why they ask me for help, like how to get cheap flights, contacts, things to do in another country, where to go, among many other things. A couple of months ago, my brother saw me packing and noticed how I packed in a peculiar way, he saw that I put my clothes in a way that doesn’t wrinkle, that I put many things in a small space, I keep everything in plastic bags, preventing if it rains and my backpack gets wet, my things inside it don’t, everything is in order, I have several types of snacks and more, so he suggested me to start this blog. At first it seemed ridiculous, but then, talking about it with more people and friends, it started to seem like a good idea.

My interest in traveling began when I was around the age of fourteen, before that I had only gone out with my parents to the USA (Disney and some amusement parks) or to a Caribbean cruise and many trips within Mexico, but they were those kind of trips that everything is arranged, they take you everywhere and you don’t move a finger.

At the age of sixteen I made my first trip almost by myself, my high school gave me and a few classmates the opportunity to go in an exchange program (something like Erasmus) to a language school abroad, so we went to study English in England. We arrived at a small city near London called Brighton. When I was planning that trip I didn’t knew anything about the world, I don’t want to say that I know a lot now, but at that age I did not know too much… how was I going to know that I could go to Paris for just the weekend and go back to school? Or Scotland on a Friday night and back to Brighton on Sunday afternoon… I then went with about 10 classmates to “EF” (English First) a very famous company with schools all over the world, we were given a choice if we wanted to stay In the residence of the school or in houses of host families, besides that if we wanted, some of us could stay together; I chose a family and to stay alone, since I believed that if I arrived with a classmate from my school I would not be allowed to get away from my culture to meet another one, and that was it, I had my first roommate, Carolina Göertz from Switzerland, when she told me where she was from, I did not even knew where Switzerland was or if it was the same as Sweden, I was so lost…

Caro then took me to Brighton, showed me where I could buy a Sim card, where I could buy food for the house, took me to the pubs area (although we were both under age), she told me about public transportation and she taught me what buses to take.

That was the key of everything, to reach the unknown.

By the time I had four days there, it was me who explained to my classmates what was in every place or where to go if they wanted something and how to get it. Then, I left my Mexican friends for a while and I changed them for companions from Italy, Colombia, Syria, Kuwait, Holland and Switzerland, it was awesome. I loved to be told how and what they ate at home, what was the most common custom, to teach me their music, their tastes, their religions and many other things. That trip was full of new things for me, so much that I didn’t want to go back to Mexico, I had fallen in love with the experience in a way that I can not explain, I didn’t want to leave the weather, my way to school, taking the bus and have to go upstairs was super fun! To go a while to the beach, which was freezing but beautiful, going out on a thursday night, or just taking a train in the afternoon going to London and coming back at night. I cried a lot when it was time to leave, really, I wasn’t going to get on the plane, I just got in because a friend pushed me. Until then, that had been the best experience of my life. When I returned to Mexico, I only thought of Brighton … the people, the weather, the school… everything; So much that when I got home, I asked my dad for permission to go to a party the following week in Brighton and he told me I was crazy, at that moment I was, well, maybe I am, because I still see it possible. Time passed and I didn’t want to stop remembering all this, my dad promised me that if I finished my high school with good grades I could go a sabbatical year where I wanted, so I finished my high school as he said and in that year my true love for traveling was born.

Long story short, this blog is to share my experiences as a traveler, you will find advices or tips that I learned alone and that I would have loved someone to give them to me, I really hope to ignite in you that traveling spirit that we all have, and that hunger for knowing other cultures.



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